Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers – 7 Best Yoga Clothing Brands of 2021

Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers – 7 Best Yoga Clothing Brands of 2021

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Do you want to give ethical yoga gift ideas?

I have put together 7 yoga clothing brands that I have tried and loved to make your holiday shopping a little easier. The yogawear from these brands would be a great gift for an eco-friendly yoga teacher.

Let’s dive right in!

Here are my favorite yoga clothing brands. Don’t forget to use coupon codes to save some money.

Basic activewear pieces made of recycled materials are very durable and sustainable.

If you are looking for a yoga gift that will serve your eco-conscious friend for a long time, Organic Basics is the way to go. It comes in a variety of basic solid colors that will stay in style for a long time. The brand has a wide range of pieces for both men and women, from crop tops and shorts to active long sleeves, socks and even active underwear.

The Silvertech collection is treated with an eco-friendly silver salt Polygiene that stops the growth ofbacteria.

Do you want to learn more about Organic Basics? This is a video review.

It’s best for: bright designer leggings and bras for women with nature-inspired patterns, made of recycled plastic bottles, super soft and great for chilling and going out.

If your female yoga friend likes to stand out and get noticed, Silverwind is an ideal yoga gift. The brand offers a variety of pieces made from sustainable plastic bottles.

The flared yoga pants are in the new collection.

Do you want to learn more about Silverwind? This review is full-length.

It’s best for: ethically made printed yoga pants for men and women that are flattering for any body shape.

If you have a yoga friend that likes vibrant and flowy pants, they will love them. Harem pants, Fisherman pants, Palazzo styles are available for both men and women.

Hippie pants fit all body shapes and sizes, making it a great yoga gift for a yoga lover slash soon-to-be mom.

Want to know more about Hippie pants? This review is full-length.

It’s the best for bright yoga bottoms and tops for women with funky patterns.

Do you know if your yoga-obsessed friend is also into bright colors? Wave Sport & Fitness is a great yoga gift. These pieces are made of recycled materials and dyed in the most eco-friendly way possible, and they get a lot of comments.

Do you want to know more about Wave Sport? This review is full-length.

Premium fabrics and quality are the best for this.

Quality active and casual clothes for men are what Rhone is known for. The brand began as a small start-up and grew over the years. They now offer a wide variety of active shorts, pants, and tanks as well as a bit more dressy pieces such as buttin downs and polo shirts.

Men and women can find yoga and casual pieces.

Most of the PrAna’s clothes can be used in a variety of ways. A stretchable piece of clothing like a pair of pants can be used for hiking or yoga.

The brand uses recycled materials and organic cotton to minimize their impact and participates in a variety of social and environmental initiatives.

It’s best for: basic activewear pieces for women and a little bit for men.

A gift card is a yoga gift that can please every yoga teacher. If it is a gift card for one of the most responsible brands out there, there will be no resistance.

There is a wide range of yoga equipment for women and men, including leggings, hoodies, socks, and t-shirts.

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