Tsokolate: A Filipino-Inspired Donut From Kora

Tsokolate: A Filipino-Inspired Donut From Kora

A Filipino-inspired donut from Kura. Source: KENNETH CAMARAKENSCAMARA

The Kora Restaurant in Long Island City, Queens, makes gourmet cakes that sell out in just minutes every week. The team is going to have a dessert tasting this weekend. The entrepreneurs behind Kora, Kim Camara and Kevin Borja have worked in fine dining before starting their own businesses, and have finally been able to show off their skills with this latest venture.

Tsokolate event poster. credit organic oolong tea: kora

There is a chocolate event in the West Village on February 12. The 8-course dessert menu will be on display at the two tastings. Calamansi, coconut, and jasmine are some of the Filipino flavors. An open bar will serve a natural wine list.

There is a celebration of love, chocolate and Filipino craftsmanship. Daniel Corpuz is a Filipino American chef and chocolatier and Auro Chocolate is a brand from the Philippines. The Kora team will be able to showcase their talents in fine hospitality and fine dining, Corpuz will demonstrate their skills in carving chocolates and confections, and guests will first-hand experience the quality, variety and richness of Auro’s offerings of Filipino cocoa.

There is a video of chocolate being poured over food.

A temporary tasting menu is in place as the team works to improve and finalize in the short weeks leading up to the event White chocolate with caramel, banana, milk chocolate, oolong tea, Chocolate Husk-Smoked Milk Chocolate, and salted Coco jam are some of the desserts on the menu.

Camara is excited about the Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse. She told Forbes that it was glazed with 70 percent chocolate from individual dark Paquibato. The smell of smoke from open fires and the sight of coconut husks on the roadsides inspired the course. Milk chocolate and smoke complement each other beautifully and hint at the delicious elements of chocolate.

Farm workers harvesting cocoa pods. european chocolate

Guests and staff are required to provide proof of vaccinations upon arrival at the event. Guests are not required to wear masks when inside, but are encouraged to not eat or drink.

Daniel Corbuz made a chocolate figurine.

If you want to attend this event, I recommend setting a calendar reminder on January 28. If it feels like donut drops, it is a must to go fast because tickets for the Tsokolate show go on sale at 3pm.

A total of 80 tickets will be sold for the event. There are two seats with 40 people in them. There is a limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

If you can’t make it to the event, there is some exciting news on the way. The team is working on opening a store. Camara said that they were excited about the next step to give Kora the opportunity to offer other offerings. The team is trying to find a space in Queens.

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