How to Install VS Code on Windows 10

How to Install VS Code on Windows 10

Which source code editor is the best? We can say that it is eitherVisual Studio code or VS code. Microsoft has developed a code editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. We will discuss the steps to install the code on Windows 10.

It has built-in support for a lot of programing languages in the studio right now. Git control, embedded Git control, intelligent code completion, snippets, and other features are included.

VS code Insiders

The alpha version of the code is what the Insider edition is about. First we get the latest features and bug fixes in the code insiders edition. The new features may be unstable and have bugs in them.

The new features and extensions can be tested and we can also report the issues.

We won’t be able to upgrade from Insiders to stable easily. We have to install the stable version separately.

If we want, we can install both the insiders edition and the code in our system.

We are going to install the stable version of the code.

There are steps to install the code.

We can get the code from the official website. We are going to see the steps that are explained.

1. Download the Setup File

The setup file can be used to install the code. The setup file needs to be downloaded from the website.

Click on the button after opening the website. This will allow us to download the setup wizard on our system.

2. Run the VS code Setup Wizard

We need to run the wizard after it was successfully downloaded. The file can be run by referring to the screenshots.

2.1 Close All Other Applications

The first thing it recommends is that we close all other applications. It is not required.

2.2 Accept the License Agreement

Pick whether to accept or reject the license agreement. After we accept the agreement, the installation is done.

2.3 Select the Installation Location

Pick the location nodejs to install the code. If we don’t care about the location, go to the default location. There is at least 203.4 MB of free disk space required.

2.4 Placing the Shortcuts

The Start Menu folder is where the shortcut will be placed. We can either change the location or create a new one.

2.5 Selecting Additional Tasks

There are a lot of tasks to be done before the installation starts. We can choose tasks that we like.

2.6 Install VS code on Windows 10

The code can be installed on our system now that we have set up everything.

2.7 Finish and Launch

After the installation is done, we can start the code.


We discussed how to download the code from the official website and install it on the computer. The article explains each step.

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