How to Create a Web Scraper for

How to Create a Web Scraper for

It is easy to automate the process of getting data from a website. When a normal request module based scraper is unable to extract data from a website, puppeteers can be used.

What is Puppeteer?

You can control the browser of your choice with the Puppeteer library. You can send and receive requests without the need for a user interface flutter tutorial for beginners and run Chromium in headless mode. It works in the background. New updates are rolled out regularly by the developer community. It is one of the best ways to get into websites that use Java.

What can you do with Puppeteer?

The Puppeteers can do almost everything.

  • Click elements such as buttons, links, and images.
  • You can type like a user in the input boxes.
  • Click on links to navigate the page.
  • You can trace the issues on a website.
  • Use a browser to carry out automated testing for user interface and front end apps.
  • Take screenshots and convert web pages to pdf’s.

Web Scraping using Puppeteer

We will show you how to create a web scraper for that can be used to find hotel listings in a particular city. We will find the hotel name, rating, number of reviews, and price.

Required Tools

You need to write the code to control the browser in order to install Puppeteer. You can use the puppeteer library to control the browser using the script. For this lesson, we will use the newer version of the software, Node v9.0.0.

Installing Node.js

You can choose the distribution that you want. Here are the steps to install the software.

1 If it is not installed, open a terminal run.

Then run – curl -sL.

Once that is done, run the apt install and install the nodes.js. This will install npm.

Windows and Mac

You can download the package for your OS from the website of the organization.

Obtaining the URL

Obtain the booking URL first. You can search for a city with the inputs for check-in and check-out dates. You can copy the URL by clicking the search button. This is the booking URL.

The booking URL for hotels in Singapore is shown in the gif.

The project requirements and puppeteer library will be downloaded after you have finished installing node.js. Place the app.js and package.json in a folder after you download them. The folder booking_scraper was named.

The scraper is the script. We have a name for it. This script can be used to get results for a single page.

The const puppeteer and const browser are related.

The scraper script is in package.json.

“name”, “version”, “main”, “scripts”, and “test” are all used.

The project dependency will be installed with Puppeteer.

Make sure the package.json file is inside the project directory.

You can use npm to install. The puppeteer code will be run in the browser. You can use both the Chromium browser and the Chrome browser.

If you want to paste the URL from into the bookingUrl variable, you need to use the provided space. The script will not work if the URL is not inserted within quotes.

let bookingUrl= ‘insert url here’

Running the Puppeteer Scraper

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