How to Buy a SIM Card in Argentina

How to Buy a SIM Card in Argentina

Do you want to stay connected international sim card unlimited data while traveling to Argentina? Where to buy a phone in Argentina? Argentina has a good mobile network. You can start uploading nature photos of Argentina. There are a lot of steps to buying a sim card. Check out our service.

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Where to buy SIM card in Buenos Aires

It will take some time to get a sim card in Argentina. We know that it takes time and effort to register. You don’t speak Spanish. Travelers to Argentina were the focus of the service launched.

The first option is to order a ready-to-use sim card.

Tourists can receive a service of a pre activated sim card. You don’t need to go to a store to fill out the forms. You will be able to use the Argentina sim card upon your arrival. I deliver the card to you.

You can get 4GB of data to use in 30 days with the sim card pack, and you can also get 1GB to use in other countries.

Order here your Argentina SIM Card

Option 2: buy a SIM card in Argentina

You can buy an Argentina sim card at the airport.

The arrival hall is where you will enter after passing all the controls. The check-in desks are on the right if you take a turn to the right. There is a stand in the middle of the check-in hall. The desk is always open.

You should take your passport with you and ask to buy a chip in your phone.

You will get a tourist sim card from the provider. The bundle for 30 days with 3 gigabytes of data and 30 minutes of international calls will cost you around 15USD.

Personal lives in Argentina. There isn’t a connection in the middle of the Pampas. Argentina is large.

There are other ways to get a sim card.

There are more ways to get a sim card. Claro, Personal, and Movistar operate in Argentina. The coverage is the same. You need to go to the store when you are a tourist.

I give you a service that you can use. You don’t need to go to a store. You should be using your 4G as soon as possible. Check it here.

1 Go to an official mobile operator store, take your passport, and ask for a sim card, also called chip, in Spanish. We recommend taking a pre-paid card in Buenos Aires.

Juan Domingo Pern is not open on weekends.

The store is located at the airport.

Go to any of the Movistar stores.

You will have your local card, but without credit. If you want to get the internet pack, you should ask in the store.

Go to a kiosk with the sign “recarga aca”, and ask to top-up your sim card with the amount you want. You can find an official store nearby. They can add a new internet bundle. You can do it your own way. You need to go to the mobile provider website after you have money on your Argentina sim card. Choose a plan that suits your needs after you register or log in.

A tourist SIM card in Argentina

The personal sim-card plan is for tourists. 30 minutes international calls are included in the price of 15USD.

Movistar offers a tourist card. There is no store at the airport. You can buy a sim card in a kiosko and send your details to your friends on Facebook. My opinion is complicated.

Roaming SIM card bundle for outside Argentina

They offer a cheap roaming package to use in Argentina, Chile, and other countries in South America. The package can be used for 30 days.

The roaming package will be activated if you send a text message with your balance top up.

Get WiFi in Buenos Aires

You can find a lot of BA internet hot spots. The majority of them are located around busy squares, parks, Metrobus lines, and governmental buildings. The coverage is wide. There is a true capital city on that point. The speed is around 10 Mbps.

You can find a complete map here.

The public buses

Some buses have free internet for their customers. We don’t have a list at the moment, but the logo will show you what the buses are.

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