Eco-Friendly Lingerie & Bras – The Top 5 Sustainable Brands

Eco-Friendly Lingerie & Bras – The Top 5 Sustainable Brands

Bras are difficult to find and ethical and sustainable bras are even more difficult. It can seem impossible if you wear a non-standard size like me. I can help!

There are bra brands from the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

There is a video review of some of the bras I own, as well as a list of some eco-friendly bra and lingerie brands sustainable yoga clothes.

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My Favourite Sustainable Bras

The most supportive bra I own is from Lara Intimates. I love my bra so much that I now have it in two different colors.

Surplus fabrics and notions from other lingerie brands are used to make everything in the studio. The largest size range I have ever seen from a sustainable lingerie brand is what they have. I have a post about measuring yourself and ordering a bra online.

-The Breakdown-

Made-to-order, zero fabric waste, and body-inclusive models are examples of conscious highlights.

Size range: 26A – 36I

Ordering: based in UK, ships international

This is your bra if you want to use natural materials. The Very Good Bra is said to be the world’s first zero waste bra, because all components are naturally derived and the bra will biodegrade in your compost. Many eco brands focus on the main material, but TVGB goes the extra mile.

It is a good option for something with more structure, but I recommend paying attention and asking questions if you are unsure of the size.

-The Breakdown-

Conscious Highlights: all natural materials, biodegradable

Size range: 30C/32A – 38DD

Ordering: based in Australia, ships international

The bras are made to order and they also offer custom sizes. They use a variety of sustainable materials as well as surplus/remnant fabrics and trims in their studio.

-The Breakdown-

Conscious Highlights: eco materials, made in-house, made-to-order

Size range: 30A – 40E + custom sizing

Ordering: based in UK, ships international

More Sustainable Bra Brands

One of my favourite underwear brands has a bralette line. They are made from organic cotton in a fair trade certified factory.

Knickey has a virtual fitting room that you can use to get the best fit.

-The Breakdown-

Conscious highlights include GOTS certified organic cotton, Oeko-Tex certified, Fair Trade certified, sustainable packaging, and body-inclusive models.

Size Range: XXS – XXXL

Shipping is based in the USA and Canada.

Savara looks at the boxes. Savara has filled the gap in the sustainable lingerie space with beautiful bras that are strong and sexy.

They use Tencel and reclaimed and deadstock lace. The pieces are made in a factory.

Savara has a unique design that combines the comfort and flexibility of a bra with the adjustability of a bra. They designed their bras to accommodate changes in size and weight.

-The Breakdown-

The highlights are sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Size range: XS – XXL+

Ordering: based in the Netherlands, ships international

Mary Young’s bras, bodysuits, and lingerie are ethically made in Canada using bamboo fabric and nylon mesh.

-The Breakdown-

Some sustainable materials are made in Canada.

Size Range: XS – 2X

Ordering: Based in Canada, ships international

The bralette styles are made from organic cotton.

They also have recycled nylon and sports bras.

-The Breakdown-

Conscious highlights include GOTS certified organic cotton, certified factories and carbon offset.

Size range: XS – XL

Ordering: based in Denmark, ships international

A variety of shapes and sizes of sexy lingerie are available. Their pieces are made in NYC or a family-run factory in Colombia in small batches from a variety of materials.

-The Breakdown-

Size range: 28A – 42H + custom sizing

Ordering: based in US, ships international

Cute and sexy underwear. Each piece is made in-house at Colie Co. using a variety of organic, recycled and deadstock materials.

-The Breakdown-

Low waste production, made-to-order, sustainable packaging, and ethically made in Portugal are some of the highlights of conscious.

The size range is as follows:

Ordering: Based in Portugal, ships international

Proclaim has a bralette with nude shades. The bottles were recycled in Los Angeles.

-The Breakdown-

Body-inclusive models, ethically made in LA, are conscious highlights.

Size range: S-XL

Also shipped to Canada, Australia and the UK.

Anek uses all surplus, dead stock, and reclaimed materials to make beautiful bra and pantie sets.

-The Breakdown-

The materials are ethically made in Berlin or Poland.

Size range: XS – L

Ordering: based in Germany, ships international

One of the few bra brands that offer wire-free styles. Their products are made in Australia or in their GOTS certified factory in India, and they use mostly recycled cotton.

-The Breakdown-

The materials are made in Australia and India.

Size range: 30A – 36DD

Ordering: based in Australia, ships international

They are one of the few brands that offer molded-cup bras. They have an eco-friendly bra collection made from recycled synthetics and a zero waste collection made from reclaimed fabric.

-The Breakdown-

Some sustainable materials are used in the factory.

Size range: 32B – 36DD (in eco bras)

Ordering: based in US, ships international

Specializing in bras and lingerie for small breasts. Aikyou uses mostly organic cotton and their pieces are made in Croatia. GOTS is in the process of being certified.

-The Breakdown-

Fair trade certified factory, vegan brand are conscious highlights.

Size range: XS – L

Ordering: based in Germany, ships international

Azura Bay is an online boutique that sells a variety of bra and lingerie brands. They have a store in the US as well.

You can check out our top brands.

Maybe you are looking for nursing bras. We have a list of those.

We have a underwear round-up for your bottom half.

Is there any bras that you love?


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Updated Dec 16, 2021

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